Four years have passed since the chemical massacre, and the criminal Assad’s regime is so far away from hands of the justice and punishment continuing with the support of his Russian and Iranian allies and their militias everyday the ugliest crimes against Syrians and destroying all elements of life using various types of weapons including the internationally banned ones (chemical, cluster and phosphorus bombs) turning the Syrian cities to rubble as well the Syrians’ bodies to shreds.

The reports issued by the investigation mission of the United Nations proved that the Sarin gas was used in bombing Opposition-hold areas in east Damascus on Wednesday the 21.08.2013 and killed more than 1600 persons, most of them were children and women.

The chemical weapons were used several times in Syria after that day, the last time was in the city of Khan-Sheikhoun, in the countryside of Idlib last April and the international community continues to evade the responsibility as regards the conviction of criminals and protection of the Syrians from the killing Assad’s machine.

We in the Syrian People’s Democratic Party call on all free nations to support the legitimate demands of the Syrian people for freedom, dignity, justice and the liberation from the dictatorship and authoritarianism. This is not the battle of the Syrians alone, but it is the duty of every free and struggling person in this world, believes in these values and works to spread them.

The names of the martyrs of the chemical massacre and their images will remain engraved in our minds, and their memories will remain in our hearts, and we will not stop raising the voice demanding justice and accountability of their murderers.

Glory to the martyrs of the Syrian revolution

Freedom to the political prisoners

Long live free Syria


Abroad Committee of the Syrian Democratic People’s Party

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