The Syrian Democratic People’s Party

The party dates back to the  year 1924,when the communist movement arose in Syria and Lebanon. An important event in the  party’s history was the third conference in 1969,because of its detachment results of intellectual, political and organizational levels. These results, which represented a revolutionary renewal within the communist party.
The fourth conference in 1974 inaugurated the beginning of the rupture of relations which achieved the world. The fifth conference late in 1978 remarked the independence of the party as Democratic Party at the national level, orientation on the Arab level and socialism at the global one. A combination of socialism and democracy ,the conference held under the slogan (real socialists who are struggling today for democracy).
Since, the mide-1970 the party took its position on the ranks of opposition facing a system of repression, tyranny and dispotism to realize meaningful democratic change in the life of the country. An inevitable result of dictatorship, the members spent last quarter of the twentieth century in prisons and detention centers ,and at their best situations were forced to hide or to leave home living in exile. Through this period ,their activities were secrets.
The party held its sixth congress in 2005 changed its name to (Syrian Democratic People’s Party) announcing its departure from Communism fully and finaly, taking the social democratic goals and approach path in the continuous struggle for changing, national, nationally and humanly concepts. The party works to produce and dedicate a political system based on democratic principles and the equality of human rights in values and substance ;believes that democratic system qualifies us to achieve the overall development, preservation of vulnerable and marginalized people of savage forces of globalization in the contemporary world. The party has organisations and commitees in all Syrian provinces and it has a partisan organization outside the country including 18 Arab and Western states .The party participated in establishing political alliances as” The National Democratic Gathering at 1979 ” and       Damascus Declaration for democratic national change”.”
At the beginning of the Syrian Revolution at 2011,the members participated in various activities where felt martyr and wounded ,while the regime’s prisons disappeared a number of its leaders and cadres. Working among the political organisations as ,The SNC which contributes to ” the National coalition of Syrian Opposition forces of revolution “.
The party is working for the Syrian homeland free for all his sons and is committed to human rights and defended it without stopping as stipulated in international human rights law. It is struggling to devot the concept of citizenship in the context of the civil Stage, and to achieve full equality among citizens in doctrinal, ethintic, national and social distinction. The party is biased to the world of knowledge andz creativity and to work and its values, believes in socialism through democracy as preresuisite, commitment to the freedom first and final. The members of the party advocate of change for a new world more secure and équitable, preserve peace and stability for people through effective cooperation, moral and practical with all parties, social and political organisations that work for democracy in the framework of regional and international.